With more than a decade of experience and low overhead costs I can provide quality video editing and production to fit your budget.  Together we can create videos that reach your target market by optimizing them for your social media platforms or more traditional broadcast mediums.  You know your brand and I’ll help you develop video content that connects with your customers.

“It’s easy to see that Morgan Burke-Beyers is a hard worker. He puts in every second of time that a project requires, and then adds several more hours to that… To the trained eye, the most important thing about his work ethic is that it actually translates to the end result.” -Chris Loud, Great Escapes Producer

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Video Editing

Crafting your video to fit your platform and telling the most engaging version of your story is done on the cutting room floor.  There are a multitude of platforms where you can launch your video.  Having an understanding of how to edit for your targeted customers where they will be viewing your content is essential for success.  Video editing techniques, aspect ratios and graphics layouts vary greatly amongst platforms to achieve the best results.


“Morgan is awesome to work with. Super efficient and communicative. Excellent in interpreting feedback and executing on changes. Highly recommended for video editing/post production.” – Samuel Zivot, The MET STORE Senior Manager Digital Marketing 


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Video Production

From Media Lab and Videography Director to an independent short film.  My abilities extend to Writing, Producing, Camera Operation, managing multiple production crews while turning daily content, producing live multi-cam productions for hundreds to thousands of viewers and working with organizations to create pieces that tell their story.  We’ll work together to develop the type of video content that is right for you.


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